Japanese rice


Rice for desserts, Rice for sushi.

Rice for sushi premium JAPINFOOD - 1 kg
Rice premium sushi grain short. The rice for sushi JAPINFOOD is a rice premium, carefully cultivated and selected from among the best varieties of rice for sushi in Italy. With this particular, the rice will be easier for you to get a professional result and always perfect. Goes perfectly with traditional dishes such as the curry rice.
Japanese rice toyama koshihikari - 5 kg
The rice koshihikari Toyama is famous for be a rice cultivated in one of the main areas of rice cultivation in Japan. Toyama is famous for its sweet and unique rice Koshinikari. This rice is also popular in Japan.Toyama koshirikari has a unique taste, slightly sweeter compared to other varieties of rice, the japanese, with a good level of viscosity that makes it suitable for all the needs in the japanese cuisine. Use this Toyama Koshihikari to do a sushi only or serve with an authentic curry to the japanese. This is the new crop of autumn "Shinmai" 2022.
Rice Seiryu style koshihikari - 5 kg
Seiryu or "the Stream of Pure" is a new type of rice of Japanese derivation cultivated meticulously in Italy.It was produced trying to get as close as possible to the precious variety Koshihikari famous in Japan and around the world for its unique taste.
The style rice Koshihikari Seiryu is perfect in the preparation of dishes of japanese classics such as sushi, nigiri, onigiri, chirashi, or wherever it is required a perfect balance between taste and "stickiness" of the beans.
Very perfect for a drink as simple as it is can be used for any typical dish of the Japanese.
Akitakomachi rice - 5 Kg
Akitakomachi rice is a rice produced in Akita Prefecture and is a particularly fine rice. Appreciated for its qualities such as unique flavor and softness. The grains of this variety are smaller and have a more delicate flavor than other varieties of rice, as well as the texture which is different from koshihikari. Akitakomachi rice has a unique shine after cooking, and thanks to its characteristics it is perfect both hot and cold.
Japanese rice fukumaru - 1 kg
The rice Fukumaru is a new species of rice grown in Ibaraki prefecture. Unlike other types of rice grown, the grains of this rice are larger and more rich in water.
Japanese rice wadachi mai - 2 kg
The rice "wadachi" never " is produced in a small village in the centre of the famous plain of Echigo called Shitada.This ancient village is nestled among the vast green of the surrounding forests, the pristine,where the pure, fresh water flows from the high peaks and the time seems to have stopped.RICE WADACHI KOSHIHIKARIPRODUCT SHITADA IN A REGIME OF LIMITED PRODUCTION WITH THE METHOD OF CULTIVATION SPECIAL KOSHIHIKARIThe rice wadachi is produced in this remote land still unspoiled through the ancient methods of cultivation and using only the purest water coming from the streams of the surrounding area. To produce rice "wadachi" never " is used for 53% of natural fertilizer,removing compared to the traditional cultivation of rice as well as 83% of pesticides.All of the rice wadachi product Shitada has obtained the seal of certification of the product grown in the special scheme by the prefecture of Niigata.Enjoy this special rice imagining the pure and unspoiled nature of the village Shitada.
Powder perfecting for rice miola - 1 kg
The proteolytic enzyme natural glad in Miora rice powder for cooking, increases the capacity of rice to absorb the water, resulting in the increase of the humidity of the rice. In this way, you will get the rice perfectly polished that will not stick to the pan. Using Miora powder, a cooker and tools of good quality you will always get a rice for sushi perfect. Tip: After you have washed very well the rice, put it in the pot with the right amount of water, add Miora (1 gram per 1.4 kg of rice) and gently stir allowing it to cook according to the instructions of the machine cook rice or on the packaging of the rice.
Pre-cooked shinmei koshihikari rice - 200 g
Rice dedicated to Japanese cuisine that is on the market in Italy is produced in Italy but this is 100% Japanese rice grown and pre-cooked in Japan! Directly to you from the crops of Toyama Prefecture. Do you want to take away the challenge of knowing what the taste of rice that accompanies the meal of millions of Japanese every day in Japan is? Do you want to prepare yourself at work a quick rice to season to your liking? Well, with this pack of rice to cook in microone it will be very easy, ready in 40 seconds with a microwave at 1500W or in 2 minutes in the microwave of 500-600W! If you have a good palate you will notice the difference!
Rice for sushi koshihikari yume nishiki - 1 kg
A new type of rice "Koshihikari" carefully " manufactured in Italy in the selected fields. This rice of superior quality is carefully cultivated under the direction of japanese professionals who use methods of traditional cultivation of rice, creating large round grains full of flavor.
Rice for sushi Haruka - 1 Kg
The rice that Haruka is a rice-derived japanese (japonica) and is highly versatile with an excellent capacity for growth during cooking.
Rice nishiki medium grain - 1 kg
For the japanese dishes all day. This rice is medium-grain variety of japanese is grown in California and is a rice of first quality, the texture is soft and slightly sticky. It is a rice that is specially ground, which does not require rinsing. To ensure that does not lose its good flavor and texture, add a little more water than is normally used for the japanese rice. the ratio is 1 cup rice to 1.3 cups water. Can be used for preparing the sushi and the onigiri or to accompany japanese dishes such as teriyaki chicken or salmon, to salt.
Japanese rice wadachi mai - 5 kg
This rice - type Koshihikari is produced organically in the village of Shitada, in the city of Sanjo in the prefecture of Niigata, in fact, is classified as organic rice. More than 50% of the fertilizer used in the production of this rice is organic fertilizer approved by Niigata Prefecture. Also thanks to the reduction , ormore than 80% of the use of pesticides , chemicals and herbicides in the production of this rice , the product is certified as a specific cultivation of agricultural product. The rice Wadachi is a rice Koshihikari produced in limited quantities, with production methods special of the village Shitada. The label is f, capable of washi (paper traditional japanese). The particular type of paper used for these labels is Oyachi washi, the product is a craft traditional to this village.