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Chuka soba al miso ramen - 530 g
Noodles in home broth and ready in a few minutes. This pack contains five single portions of Chinese-style soba, each with its own bag of miso broth. Serve them hot and with your favorite fresh ingredients.
Chuno bulldog sauce - 1.78 l
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Fruits and vegetables blends with spices, vinegar, sugar, salt and many other amazing ingredients! Without food additives (caramel, thickeners, chemical additives and sweeteners) its color is absolutely natural and is given by the fantastic mixture of the natural ingredients used.
Ground black sesame - 120 g
Toasted black sesame already ground. Comfortable in the kitchen to give a touch of sesa sesa sesa sesa meas flavor to all dishes. Very versatile also in pastry for the preparation or finishing of sweets.
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Prepared for Japanese golden curry (spicy) - 230 g
Prepared for Japanese golden curry (spicy) - 230 g
This preparation is designed to garnish vegetables such as onions, cabbage, potatoes or various types of meat such as chicken, beef, pork, turkey. To prepare this curry it is enough to soak the closed bag in boiling water for a time of 3-5 minutes then open and use the curry on your favorite dishes.