Prepared for fish broth (agodashi usuiro) - 300 ml Choko ZUW-34445538 - - Japanese Food
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Prepared for fish broth (agodashi usuiro) - 300 ml

Dashi is the basic broth of Japanese cuisine, a fundamental element of many dishes such as soba, udon, miso soup. By adding ingredients to the dashi such as sake, soy sauce, mirin, sugar, it becomes the gravy for nimono, dishes where vegetables and meat are stewed. There are different types of dashi, more or less tasty based on the ingredients used: shitake mushrooms, dried sardines (niboshi), dehydrated flying fish (agodashi), chicken carcasses, pork bones as for the ramen broth. There are many elements that influence the quality of dashi, such as the thickness with which the ingredients are cut or the temperature and quality of the water, but whatever its flavor, it must have the typical umami, that special sapidity typical of Japanese cuisine.

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