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Miso aka soup 3 servings - 30 g

Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup consisting essentially of broth, especially dashi mixed with miso paste. Miso soup takes its name from its main ingredient, miso, a fermented soy paste with various uses in the kitchen, especially in modern Japanese cuisine, where it is often used to marinate or gratin.  At the base of miso soup is dashi, a food consisting of dried striped tuna flakes (katsuobushi) and a large seaborne named kombu. There is no need to add salt, as the miso, by its nature, is already very salty. In this broth, to obtain the soup, dissolve the miso paste, to which you can add cubes of tofu and other varieties of seaweed (wakame, for example). Solid ingredients In accordance with Japanese tradition, the solid ingredients of the soup are chosen to reflect the changing seasons. So negi (plant similar to chives) and tofu mix with the delicately flavored ingredients contained in the soup.  Other ingredients can be used in soup: carrots, daikon and potatoes, added in soup recipes in Europe and America. During the month of May, ingredients such as mushrooms, onion, shrimps, grated fish are added to the composition. The variant of aka miso soup is in being based on red miso (aka) with a stronger flavor than white miso (shiro).

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