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Konacha (green tea powder) - 1 kg

Konacha (green tea powder) - 1 kg

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Green tea in pieces

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General information:

The tea konacha is made from small fragments of leaves, which are filtered out during the processing of Gyokuro and Sencha. Even though it literally translates as "dust tea" this is not really powder like tea matcha or funmatsucha. The tea konacha has an intense green colour and a strong flavour. This green tea is composed of small pieces of leaves that quickly dissolgono in the water due to their really small size, then the infusion time should be short in order to avoid obtaining a taste that is really too strong. In addition, the number of infusions is low, im mean you do not make more than two infusions of konacha.




1 kg


You Gyokuro and Sencha

Mode of storage:

A cool, dry place away from direct light