360 insurance

Global insurance on www.Domechan.com commercially referred to as "360° Insurance"

The insurance plan called "360° Insurance available during checkout on domechan.com allows the buyer to protect himself from any inconvenience for your goods purchased on the domechan.com website.

The insurance covers damage caused by third-party companies (such as couriers) from leaving our warehouses to delivery into your hands and covers any damage caused during transport or storage.

The 360° insurance includes naturally fragile objects, such as glass and cans which are exempt from the possibility of reimbursement by couriers due to their fragility, and extends to any product sold on domechan.com.

By purchasing the "360° Insurance" option, you get a 100% guarantee of receiving damaged products again.
To initiate the damage reporting procedure, the buyer must provide the following materials:

  1. Courier delivery document with the wording "subject to control" written together with the courier upon delivery.
  2. Photographs (at least 6) of the unopened packaging, 1 photograph for each side of the packaging
  3. Photographs (at least 2) of the product as a whole
  4. Photographs (at least 2) of the breaking point

Without compliance with the above points it will not be possible to exercise the 360° insurance.

When the damage file is opened, the result of the request will be sent to the customer within 5 working days, which, if accepted, will start the procedure for shipping the new goods always to the same initial destination address.

In case of lack of stock of the goods, the possibility will be advanced of waiting for the arrival of new stocks or the reimbursement of the product/products referred to in the report.

Without the purchase of the "360° Insurance" option there will be no coverage regarding damages suffered to the package and its contents during transport or storage/storage, considering Domechan totally extraneous to the facts and not attributable to negligence or shortcomings by the carriers used for the delivery of the goods.

The cost of the "360° Insurance" option is set for the first half of 2023 (1 January 2023 / 30 June 2023) at € 1.99 including VAT.