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Sake, Umeshu Shochu There are 117 products.

The sake (酒, "liquor", pronounced saké) is an alcoholic beverage, typically japanese, obtained by the union of ethyl alcohol with the liquid derived from the fermentation of rice. For this reason it is also called "rice wine". It is not classifiable between spirits, nor between the fermented or between the liquors, and constitutes a separate category. The rice wine known in the West as "sake" is a particular type called nihonshu (日本酒 "japanese alcohol") in japanese. In Japan, the word sake simply means alcoholic beverage, and depending on the region can take on various specific meanings. In southern Kyushu, sake usually refers to a distilled drink, shochu potato (芋焼酎 imojōchū). The shochu is a wine made with cane sugar. On the other hand, sake is a term that can also be used for any other beverage distilled in Okinawa, awamori (泡盛), literally "transparent dome", or kusu, "old drink". These other forms of sake are distilled from a long-grain rice and kurokoji (黒麹 kurokōji), "koji black".

Umeshu (梅酒) is a japanese liquor obtained from the maceration of the ume (plum still unripe and green) in alcohol (焼酎 shōchū) (or sake) with the addition of cane sugar crystallized. It has a sweet flavour, slightly bitter, and an alcohol content of 10-15 degrees. A famous brand of "umeshu" are Choya and TaKaRa Shuzo. The plums used for this type of liquor are among the most precious of Japan. They come mainly from Wakayama (Kishu). Among these, the Nankou Ume, plum by fleshy pulp and the bone small. The japanese restaurants serve different varieties of umeshu, cocktails. Umeshu On the Rocks (pronounced umeshu rokku), Umeshu Sour (pronounced umeshu Sawa), Umeshu Tonic (with 2 / 3 of tonic water) and Umeshu Soda (with 2/3 of sparkling water) are variants very popular of this drink. A custom fashion among the young people is to mix this liqueur with green tea (o-cha).

Shōchū (焼酎) is a distilled spirit native to Japan. It is most commonly distilled from barley, sweet potatoes or rice. Typically, it contains 25% alcohol by volume (the lowest of grappa, whisky or vodka but stronger than wine). It is not uncommon to the Shōchū multi-distilled, that is more similar to a liqueur committee (up to 35% alcohol by volume), but in this case, it is traditionally mixed with other beverages with less or non-alcoholic beverages.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 117 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 117 items