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Wasabi powder - 25 g

Wasabi powder that does not use mustard and uses only natural dyes.

The original idea for wasabi powder, the very first form of wasabi transformed, dates back to the early days of the Taisho period. Yoshichi Konaga, a tea broker, came up with the idea of drying fresh wasabi and selling it in powder. His products were sold to traditional restaurants and inns even better than he expected, so he began producing his products on a large scale and in 1920 went into mass production.

However, several problems with the production of wasabi powder have become evident, such as how to maintain a supply of raw materials, the high costs involved and the fact that wasabi powder quickly loses its spiciness. At this point, it became common to mix a sufficient amount of horseradish so that the wasabi did not lose its flavor.

Powdered wasabi is generally created by adding mustard powder to dried horseradish powder and adding additional ingredients such as artificial flavors and dyes. This accurate process increases the flavor and longevity of the flavor, so to protect it from moisture, the powdered wasabi is canned or bagged.

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