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Himalayan salt - fine- 1 Kg

Himalayan salt - fine- 1 Kg

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Himalayan salt - fine- 1 Kg

Country of production:


General information:

The edible salt, himalayan is a salt crystal clear, guaranteed and certified. Gift of nature for our well-being, this salt crystal has over 250 million years and is mined in the heights of the Himalayas. Salt himalayan crystal differs profoundly from the common, obtained by the evaporation, since the very high pressures and the tremendous heat that created those mountains have led to a crystal structure is perfectly ordered. The possibility of utilization of himalayan salt are many: for use in the food in the kitchen, in place of common salt, in the care of the person (in peeling, like bath salts, body wraps, or also for the cleaning of the mouth) and in all cases with a saline solution. The rock crystal salt contains all the minerals and trace elements that make up the human body. Nothing to see then with the salt from the kitchen, now only sodium chloride, which is refined and processed industrially, and which additives are often poison to the body which is a struggle even to metabolizzarli. From the biochemical point of view contains the quanta of energy or photons that are enclosed inside of the cubes that form its crystal structure. When it is immersed in water and the bonds of the lattice are broken and a sea of stored solar energy is released with huge benefit.


Ananda assisi


1 Kg


Salt, wholemeal not refined

Mode of storage:

A cool, dry place away from direct light

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