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Sake shirayuki - 720 ml

Sake shirayuki - 720 ml

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Country of production:


General information:

We can say that Nada is to Sake as Scotland is to whisky. Nada owes its importance to the production of beer and sake to "Miyamizu" where the water that is obtained from the flow in the underground filters through layers of sand and shells, after that dropped down from the granite hills of the great Mount Rokko. It is a sake of incomparable quality. In addition, only the best quality of rice is used for its production, and it is all rice harvested in the fields local. The longevity of a brand like "Shirayuki" for more than four centuries, means so much. Even if it is well-established habit of the japanese to drink sake heated moderately by putting it in a pot immersed in hot water for a few minutes, thanks to the improved modern method of production has become a beautiful pleasure to eat them cold or use it as a base for cocktails with other spirits.


Konishi brewing


720 ml


Water, rice, rice, malted (koji), yeast

Mode of storage:

A cool, dry place away from direct light

Attention: the shipping of alcoholic beverages (sake, shochu and Umeshu) is not possible outside of Italy.
Warning: the shipment of alcoholic beverages (sake, shochu and umeshu) is not possible outside of Italy.
Attention: the envoi de boissons alcoolisées (sake, shochu et Umeshu) n'est pas possible en dehors de l'italie.
Advertencia: el envío de bebidas alcohólicas (sake, shochu y Umeshu) no es posible fuera de Italia.

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1.20 kg
Country of production
Konishi brewing
720 ml
Acqua, riso, riso maltato (koji), lievito
To be consumed preferably within
Se correttamente conservato il prodotto non ha data di scadenza.
Mode of preservation
Conservare il luogo fresco e asciutto al riparo dalla luce diretta del sole