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Why buy from us? Why buy from us?

Because we offer only real japanese products, made with japanese raw materials and imported directly from Japan without intermediaries. Each product on our shop is stocked in Italy in a safe environment and it’s ready to ship! So you can say stop to long and expensive intercontinental shipping and to the risk of having your products held by customs!

Is it safe what we sell? Is it safe what we sell?

Absoluely! All our products come from japanese dealers and not from wholesalers, and for that they are subjects to severe national food laws. We import only non-perishable and long-life products. We also make sure that each product on our shop is always within its expiring date. And there is also the italian translation.

What about the delivery? What about the delivery?

Delivery is a piece of cake! One of our strong points is the preparation and the shipment in 24/48 hours. We garantee fast and safe shipments thanks to our collaboration with DHL courier service! We are aiming for high quality! In 24/48 hours you can get your order at home! (except for the islands which generally require an additional day) And... bon appetit!

Cosa trovi su Domechan? What can you find in Domechan?

You'll find hundreds of Japanese food items! Algae, packaged desserts, sushi rice, vegetables, soft drinks, flour for tempura, sake, umeshu, shoku, beer, and udon noodle, ramen, spices, seasonings, Japanese tea, curry, tofu and kitchen articles.

Domechan vende sia ad aziende che a privati Do we sell only to companies?

No. Domechan sells both to individuals and companies! If you are a company you will receive an invoice of all the goods you buy!

Blog Domechan Blog

Have you been to the Domechan blog? You can always find many new Japanese recipes everyday, and there is also a new section dedicated exclusively to Japan where you can find: useful information, what to know before departure and a collection of information on major tourist destinations in Japan.

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  • Kit Sushi Base
  • Kit Sushi base

    Here’s a practical sushi kit for newcomers to the field. If you want to learn the art of homemade sushi, here’s what you will receive with the basic sushi kit:

    1 package of nori seaweed sheets
    1 package rice for sushi
    1 pack of 10 sticks of bamboo
    1 bottle of sushisu (a sauce for cooked rice)
    1 tube of wasabi
    1 bamboo mat

  • Kit Sushi Avanzato
  • Kit Sushi advance

    For those who are a bit more experienced or who care for details, here is a top kit that will allow you to get a more sophisticated sushi:

    1 package of nori seaweed sheets
    1 package rice for sushi
    1 pack of 10 sticks of bamboo
    1 bottle of sushisu (a sauce for cooked rice)
    1 tube of wasabi
    1 bamboo mat
    + 1 bottle of soy sauce
    + 1 ginger pack
    + 1 serving tray wood

  • Kit Sushi Completo
  • Kit Sushi complete
  • For those who have high demands and does not want to miss anything during the preparation of sushi, this is the top of the sushi kit. With this kit you'll have everything you need!

    2 packages of nori seaweed sheets
    1 package rice for sushi
    1 pack of 10 sticks of bamboo
    1 bottle of sushisu (a sauce for cooked rice)
    1 can of wasabi powder
    1 bamboo mat
    1 bottle of soy sauce
    1 package of ginger
    2 wooden serving trays
    + 1 bottle of hon mirin
    + 1 tube of paste bainiku
    + 1 package of white sesame
    + 1 package of black sesame
    + 1 package of kombu seaweed

  • Kit zaru soba
  • Kit per Zaru soba

    What is better than a simple kit to get the very traditional Japanese dish that can be eaten especially in the hot days? Here is a simple kit to enjoy the Zaru Soba!

    1 Japanese soba noodle pack
    1 pack of nori seaweed
    1 traditional dish zaru (round or square)
    1 special broth bottle zaru soba

After to the Fukushima disaster, our products are safe?
Absolutely. In Japan there are very strict food laws, especially those regarding radiation. Therefore, each type of food produced and sold must be analyzed in the laboratory and in order to enter the EU they must have the certificates of conformity, so all products are 100% safe.
Can I ask you a product that does not appear in the shop?
Sure! If it's food we can not guarantee that your request will be met, if the manufacturer is not certified for export to the EU we cannot import it. If it is a non-food product it will be certainly easy to import it for you! This is due to our contact in Japan!
Can I see the status of my order?
Sure! If you sign in to your personal page you will find all your order history and order status. Every time your order changes state (accepted, in preparation, delivery, etc.) you receive an email to the mailbox used during the registration.
Do you ship with traditional postal service?
Unfortunately not. We prefer to use a safe and reliable courier, so that your order is as safe as possible. When ordering you will receive a tracking number so that you can follow at all times the location of your package!
Can I delete an order?
Yes! The important thing is that you send your cancellation request before the goods are shipped, because if the goods are already en route you will have to refuse the delivery and in that case we will have to deduce from your refund the cost of the transport.
How can I contact you?
You can contact us through the various forms on this website or from the online shop. Or directly by email. We are always online and we give feedback in a very short time, almost always within 24 hours.
Do you accept international orders?
Yes, but only by the member countries of the European Union. You can buy on our shop if you live in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom. Due to the the high cost of transportation it won’t be possible to buy on our shop if you live in the following countries: Netherlands, Czech Republic, Romania, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Hungary, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bulgaria. For orders from these nations you must request a shipping quote.
I received a damaged product, what do I do?
First of all we are really sorry for what happened! The important thing is that you get in touch with us to solve the problem. If you've noticed that the package was damaged and you have affixed the withdrawal conditional let us know.
A product of my order is incorrect or missing.
We apologize for the inconvenience, it was not our intention. The first thing to do is to make sure that there is nothing hidden in the product packaging. It can often happen that the filling material covers or hides the products! Sometimes some products are very fragile and very protected and can be exchanged as packing material! If there is just one item missing we will refund the product or we will send it to you.
The information that I insert on the site is secure?
Absolutely. All data is stored and guarded in accordance with the regulations in force and will not be used for purposes other than those for the completion of orders. The details of credit cards or personal credentials are managed safely by PayPal or bank.
I paid by bank transfer, what does it change?
The only thing that changes is a slight delay in sending the goods. In fact we will ship only when we display the effective credited. This depends on the speed of the transfer, which typically can take 1 to 3 days before it becomes viewable to us. Remember to include your order number as a reason for payment to simplify tracking.



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